Polarity Reversal Ltd is the content creation and consulting company led by Japhet Asher.

Japhet is an Executive Producer, creative leader and collaborative storyteller with over 30 years experience as an innovator of formats, products, and narrative experiences across genres and platforms. He is a leader of high-performing editorial and creative teams in digital, tv and publishing. Japhet is a seasoned senior manager both at large media organisations and independent production companies. He has focused on building strong teams, adopting new technologies, and adapting to change. Japhet is a creator and project leader of award-winning titles and products including documentaries, animation, books, apps, websites, and more. He is a passionate advocate for content that challenges, informs, and entertains, connecting memorable characters and experiences to their audiences, most notably among children and young adults.


Japhet has been a speaker and panelist at many events, including Cartoon Digital and Cartoon 360, Sheffield DocFest, the Ottawa Animation Festival, Power to the Pixel at the London Film Festival, the Mill Valley Film Festival, Shanghai Children’s Book Fair, Bologna Ragazzi, Dust or Magic Digital, International Documentary  Association, Children’s Media Conference, the Bookseller Digital Conference, and more. He has served as a Jurist for both the San Francisco Film Festival and the Emmy Awards.

Japhet’s work has received awards and recognition around the world, including multiple Bologna Ragazzi Digital Awards, BDA Awards, the Futurebook Book of the Year, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Prize, the California Governor’s medal and BAFTA, EMMY and Academy Award nominations.

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